Massimo Vignelli

Photo by Joan Cuenco

Massimo Vignelli, 2013

The great designer Massimo Vignelli died this morning.

Massimo shaped the visible world around us in profoundly influential ways—think of the New York City subway system graphics, iconic work for the National Park Service, and scores of fresh, powerful corporate identities, book designs, and building graphics. Most of all, from our vantage point, he was a huge influence in the world of architecture culture and a beloved friend of The Architectural League. Massimo was an Architectural League board member for more than forty years and he designed dozens of gorgeous posters, publications, and invitations for us. He also designed Oppositions, Skyline, and exhibition catalogues for The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies; and beautiful monographs, as well as firm identities, for many, many architects.

Every interaction with Massimo was an occasion to share his delight in design and its power, in his incredibly gifted hands, to bring a bright moment of order to a chaotic world. We love you, Massimo.

–Rosalie Genevro
Executive Director, The Architectural League

Photo by Joan Cuenco

In 2011, Massimo and Lella Vignelli were awarded the President’s Medal, the League’s highest honor. The cover of the programs for the event featured a series of quotations from the Vignellis summarizing their design ethos. Click the image above to see more.