5KL: Economics & Investment

The Five Thousand Pound Life is an initiative dedicated to new ways of thinking, talking, and acting on architecture, climate change, and our economic future.

ARC_5KL_Econ_transpEconomics & Investment
The causes of climate change are deeply embedded in our carbon-intensive methods of production, distribution, and consumption. Understanding the core connection between the measurement and calibration of economic exchange, our individual and collective channeling of resources, and the carbon byproducts of these decisions are fundamental to informing policy and practice.

More themes:

5KL: An Overview
Introducing the League’s overarching initiative that seeks to imagine an economically and ecologically viable American future.

Engagement & Practice
An exploration of democratic citizenship and decision-making within, and outside of, the confines of professional practice.

Design & Technology
An inquiry into the relationship between the iterative process of design and technological advancement in our pursuit of prosperity.

Communication & Ethics
An emphasis on understanding our relationships with, and responsibilities to, other individuals, communities, nations, and generations.