Emerging Voices: TALLER |MauricioRocha+GabrielaCarrillo| and Williamson Chong Architects

(l) Taller |MauricioRocha+GabrielaCarrillo|, Plastic Arts School; (r) Williamson Chong Architects, House in Frogs Hollow

Emerging Voices
TALLER |MauricioRocha+GabrielaCarrillo| | Williamson Chong Architects
Mauricio Rocha Iturbide and Gabriela Carrillo Valadez; Betsy Williamson, Shane Williamson, and Donald Chong
Moderated by Annabelle Selldorf

1.5 AIA and New York State CEUs

The third evening of the annual Emerging Voices lecture series, featuring TALLER |MauricioRocha+GabrielaCarrillo| and Williamson Chong Architects. Emerging Voices spotlights individuals and firms based in the United States, Canada, or Mexico with distinct design voices and the potential to influence the disciplines of architecture, landscape design, and urbanism.

Mauricio Rocha Iturbide and Gabriela Carrillo Valadez, founding principals of Mexico City based TALLER |MauricioRocha+GabrielaCarrillo|, focus on “the importance of the vernacular, craftsmanship, sustainability, and socially-responsible design.” For more on TALLER |MauricioRocha+GabrielaCarrilloI, click here.

“Context, materials research, economies of construction, building performance, and client-based collaboration” all shape the design approach of Williamson Chong Architects. The Toronto-based practice was founded by Betsy Williamson and Shane Williamson in 2000; Donald Chong joined the firm in 2011. For more on Williamson Chong Architects, click here.

For additional information on all 2014 Emerging Voices, as well as the program in general, click here.

Moderator Annabelle Selldorf is the principal and founder of Selldorf Architects and is the President of The Architectural League of New York. She served on this year’s Emerging Voices committee.