Ada Louise Huxtable and the Shape of New York

Recorded: May 30, 2013
Running time: 09:42

On May 30, 2013, a program organized by The Museum of the City of New York and co-sponsored by the Architectural League brought together several individuals who were close to the Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic to celebrate her impact on New York City. Hilary BallonStanton EckstutDonald ElliottLynne Sagalyn, and Suzanne Stephens reflected on Huxtable’s deep influence, and her complex and insightful views on preservation and development in the city. Over the course of the panelists’ wide ranging discussion, a sense emerged of Huxtable’s “clear-sighted vision for the humanistic meaning and artistic power of architecture and the built environment,” as Ballon summarized.

Watch this short video of the program highlights, organized around its main themes.