The Greatest Grid: FAQs

Is there a separate registration deadline, or are the registration and submission deadlines the same?
There is not a separate registration deadline. Both the registration and submission deadlines are September 26.

I don’t see a “donation ID” on my receipt.
On the submission receipt, the “donation ID” is called the “transaction ID.” Please place that number on your submission.

I am taking a night class. Am I eligible?
Full-time, matriculated students are not eligible. If you are taking a single class, or are part-time, you are eligible.

Can students participate as members of a team?
Students may participate as part of a team but cannot be listed as or among the primary team contact(s).

Can I submit a project that I did years ago?
The objective of the competition is to generate new ideas and proposals for New York, so while you may submit previously completed work, the jury will be looking for submissions that address contemporary issues and approaches.

Is this a blind competition?
Yes. Participants should not include their name or other identifying information on their proposals. Any identifying information will be blacked out before the jury session.

Do I need to be a licensed architect to submit an entry?

What are the exact boundaries of the site?
Participants can choose to focus their submissions anywhere they like, at any scale. The only restriction is that because the exhibition is intended to celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of the Commissioners Plan, some part of the proposal should address an area within the boundaries as defined in the plan, which is the area between Houston Street and 155th Street, from river to river.

If you have additional questions, please email Gregory Wessner, the exhibition curator, at

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