The Architectural League Questionnaire:
Tobias Armborst, Dan D’Oca, and Georgeen Theodore

Tobias Armborst, Dan D’Oca, and Georgeen Theodore are principals of Interboro Partners, based in Brooklyn, NY. They received the Architectural League’s Emerging Voices award in 2011. Click here to read the interview with them.

What word or phrase do you most overuse?
Sort of.

If you could have designed any building in the world, what would it have been?
[G] I think maybe if we think back to some of the things we said earlier, it wouldn’t be a building in the canon, but it would be just some sort of messy condition.
[D] I wish Interboro had designed Queens, exactly as it is.
[G] Why don’t we say that?
[T] Queens is a good answer.

What typeface most represents you?
[D] Comic Sans. [laughter]
[G] We really use a lot of different fonts, so we don’t use one font.
[D] Site specific.
[T] Site specific serif.
[G] We definitely use a lot of different fonts.

What is your favorite airport?
[T] Charles deGaulle.
[D] JFK because it is in Queens. What is the most publicly accessible, programmatically rich?
[G] I like the Newark airport because you have all these things next to one another, you can ride your car next to the runway.
[ D] But it is so much not a part of Newark, as so many of your students have diagramed a million times.

What is the one thing you always pack when you travel?
[D] I travel really light, my computer.
[T] I always pack a lot of books that I don’t touch during the trip.

What architect from the past do you most admire?
[T] There are so many. I would say that we are really raving about Lina Bo Bardi these last couple of months while working on the PS1 project.

What is your favorite city or town?
[D] We already said…Queens.
[G] New York City!

If you could own any masterpiece of art, what would it be?
[D] The one that is worth the most, we could sell it and buy lots of real estate in Queens.
[G] We are really into furniture right now; we have been looking a lot at Donald Judd.  I would say we would want a Judd piece, a highly reflective one.

What book has had the most influence on you?
Nature‘s Metropolis.

What is the last song or album you listened to?
Ghostface Killah, Pretty Toney Album.

What is your favorite piece of clothing?
[G] I’m really into my bag right now, it is a Pleats Please bag that was a gift from my sister. I can carry lots of stuff in it.
[D] I have a Number of the Beast t-shirt from 1982, it’s great I never wear it but I am happy to have it.
[G] I’m going to wear a skirt designed by Yeohlee Teng to the opening. It’s pretty much my favorite right now.

Name one obsessive architect behavior that you have.
[G] I wear too much black.
[D] I’m trained as a planner: too much beige.
[T] I have too many but maybe I can concur with her black.

What is your idea of misery?
[G] We’re pretty happy people.
[D] Yea, but we don’t want to push it, we don’t want to tempt fate here, we have to come up with something.  When have we been miserable?

What is your idea of happiness?
[D] We have had some very happy moments together, walking around Brooklyn talking about architecture together in cities and having lunch, working together. I guess misery is that that doesn’t happen enough anymore, we are all so busy.

If you weren’t an architect, what would you be?
[G] A film maker.
[T] A graphic novelist.
[D] A free jazz drummer.