Vacant Lots

Installation of Vacant Lots, a design study project for infill housing on ten vacant lots in New York City, at the Mercantile Exchange.

“To judge from the grafitti scrawled on the construction of fences surrounding new building sites, the vacant lot in the city is itself a symbol, in many neighborhoods, of a community’s determination to control its own destiny. The ‘Vacant Lots’ show was the architecture community’s version of those angry painted messages. Many architects, it turns out, don’t want their own high rises either. They’re fed up with hanging balconies off a 40-story box and calling it a dream come true. They are tired of seeing ‘quality architecture’ billed as a luxury amenity….How is the architecture community’s frustration going to house a single person? The answer is that it won’t. But without…voicing that frustration there is little hope that architects can resume responsibility for breathing life into ideals.” Herbert Muschamp, The New Republic, April 11, 1988