The Inflatable Moment: Pneumatics and Protest in ’68


Installation of The Inflatable Moment: Pneumatics and Protest in ‘68, curated by Marc Dessauce

“‘The Inflatable Moment,’ on view at the Urban Center, celebrates a time when, if you didn’t have an idea, you just didn’t show up.  You’d be too embarrassed to. How different from today’s climate of fear, when showing up with an idea could get you fired. Inflatable architecture, the show’s subject, was a terrible idea, as it happens.  As Lloyd Kahn, the architecture editor, writes in the Whole Earth Catalogue, ‘Inflatables are trippy, cheap and light.  Imaginative spaces, not architecture at all.  They’re terrible to work in….’ Yes, but so what? Organized by Marc Dessauce, an architectural historian who lives in New York, this big, sloppy, high-spirited show is the Architectural League’s tribute to 1968, the year the counterculture was officially born amid campus upheavals and street demonstrations.” Herbert Muschamp, The New York Times, June 18, 1998