Modern Sculpture for Architecture

Installation of Modern Sculpture for Architecture, with (left to right), “Agenades” by Ossip Zadkine and “Figure” by Isamu Noguchi

“The contemporary approach to the fusion of sculpture and architecture was discussed by critics last night at a dinner and preview at the Architectural League of a nineteen-man show of recent works of prominent sculpture….’Today’s architectural sculpture is usually conceived as an independent art,’ Philip C. Johnson…said. ‘We have fallen into the dangerous habit of thinking of the sculpture as completely separate from the architecture, as an isolated object to be placed against a blank wall.’ Wallace K. Harrison…expressed the view that the two arts could not be combined. Efforts to do so, he said, invariably resulted in an imitation of something of the past….Disputing this contention, [Jacques] Lipchitz held that the future of the two arts would be as great and glorious some day as it had been in the past.” The New York Times, December 12, 1947