League Celebrates its 75th Anniversary


The Hostesses Committee of the League’s 75th Anniversary Benefit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“1956 marks the 75th Anniversary of the Architectural League.  For three quarters of a century, the League held a unique place in the life of this city.  It is only the society which has brought together all the arts of building design, and has steadfastly proclaimed their essential unity and the value of fellowship among those who practice them.  Our annual exhibitions through the years has recorded the growth o American architecture in both its engineering and its aesthetic aspects; of painting, sculpture, craftsmanship and landscape design….Times are changing with bewildering rapidity….But the basic importance of sympathetic cooperation among us and the value of the arts in creating a human and not merely a mechanistic environment were never more clear.”  Julian Levi and Robert O’Connor, Letter to members, March 15, 1956