League Celebrates its 125th Anniversary

ArchLeague_125th_013 copy

Dinner celebrating the League’s 125th Anniversary, January 18, 2006

“We celebrate this very significant anniversary milestone not merely to honor the Architectural League’s endurance or to boast about our past achievements. In this 125th year, we renew our commitment to strengthening our mission and advancing it to ensure equal if not more significant contributions in years to come.  When the 22-year old Cass Gilbert and a small group of architects founded the League on January 18th, 1881, the design profession itself was still young. These designers already recognized, however, that to excel as architects, they needed more than just professional guidelines and recognition: they needed a forum in which to present new work and ideas, talk (sometimes argue), and engage in informal exchange. In those earliest years, they initiated what has happened continuously at the League for the past 125 years in forums, events, symposia and, of course, over food and drink—that delicate and elusive thing called ‘community.’” Wendy Evans Joseph, Introduction, The Architectural League of New York: 125 Years