Emerging Voices Lecture Series Begins


Poster announcing the first year of the Emerging Voices lecture series

“Curiosity about new talent is a common enough state of mind in any field of endeavor, and so there need be little justification for a series like ‘Emerging Voices.’ It also helps that such a series should be held in New York City, a place with an awesome capacity to identify and to consume the fashionable, the novel, and the new. Yet this is, I think, an especially important moment to take a look at younger architects. Today American architecture is dominated by a group of practitioners who were born between 1925 and 1940; many,
if not all of these were included in the Architectural League’s 1966 exhibition ‘40 Under 40’….The buildings that this older group of architects are beginning to build are so distinctive that it is reasonable to ask if there are any ‘emerging voices’ waiting in the wings, and, if so, what are they saying?”  Richard Oliver, Skyline, April 1982