Russell Sturgis Elected President

Above: Russell Sturgis, League President, 1889-1893

“Gentlemen, you have done me a great honor, one that I feel proud of. In accepting the Presidency of the League I feel sure that I sympathize with your objects, as I understand them, and feel fully the importance of the part that we have to play. The charm of the League–the attractiveness of the League–is that it takes art as being one thing, and not a chaos of divers [sic] and perhaps discordant things–of things that might clash with one another….Gentlemen, if I were at my own place I should not have any wine, for it is all drunk up, and here certainly I have nothing to drink to your health with, and I can only wish the League and you all long-continued and increasing good health and prosperity.” Russell Sturgis’ acceptance speech, 1889