League Holds Its First Annual Exhibition


“In January, 1886, the first exhibition of architectural drawings [sponsored by the Architectural League] was held at the American Art Galleries in connection with the Eighth Annual Exhibition of the Salmagundi Club. This was originated and carried through under the direction of the following persons, who acted as jury and hanging committee and paid all expenses: H.O. Avery, C.L.W. Eidlitz, R.M. Hunt, R.H. Robertson, W.B. Tuthill, W.R. Ware, F.C. Withers, and F.A. Wright. The exhibition was a success, and it is probably due to it that the Architectural League was reorganized January 19, 1886…Accordingly we find from the first that one of the aims of the new League was to hold an annual exhibition.” Proceedings of the Architectural League of New York from Organization to January, 1889