Hugh Ferriss’s Zoning Envelope Drawings Exhibited at Annual Exhibition

Drawings by Hugh Ferriss illustrating the impact of the 1916 New York City Zoning Code exhibited at the 37th Annual Exhibition

“The most formidable restraint yet placed upon the rank growth of American building is, without doubt, the Zoning Laws which, from their experimental beginnings something over ten years ago, have already been adopted in over three hundred American municipalities….From the point of view of Design, it is interesting to recall that the Zoning movement…was not at all inspired by concern for its possible effects on Architectural Design.  The recollection is interesting because the actual effect of the law was to introduce what is often spoken of as no less than a new era in American Architecture.  The whole procedure constitutes another example of the fact that the larger movements of Architecture occur not as the result of some individual designer’s stimulus but in response to some practical general condition.” Hugh Ferriss, Metropolis of Tomorrow