George W. Vanderbilt Gives the Fine Arts Society a Gallery


Vanderbilt Gallery of the Fine Arts Building

“The gift of the gallery on Fifty-Eigth Street to the Fine Arts Society, which was announced at the dinner of the Architectural League on Friday, is an example of what a public-spirited man can do if he has wealth at his disposal….He has stood by the Fine Arts Society from the start, and encouraged the triple alliance of architects, artists, and art students by his sympathy; at the right moment he advanced a sum large enough to put them in possession of the largest and best-lighted gallery for exhibitions of art works in the land….There is no one in New-York, from the richest to the poorest, who has not some interest in this matter; for our artists and architects are the persons whose work will inform coming generations whether this city at the end of the present century was a city of intelligent art lovers or a city of dunces.”  The New York Times, January 1, 1893.