Roosevelt Island Meet-up



Roosevelt Island Meet-up
Urban Omnibus
Juliette Spertus and Donald Richardson, FASLA

Sunday, May 16th, 2010
2:00 p.m.
Roosevelt Island (meet outside the F train stop)

On Sunday, May 16th, do not miss a rare opportunity to explore Roosevelt Island with one of its masterplanners and then enjoy a guided tour of an exhibition that unveils the Island’s best kept secret: it’s trash collection system is straight out of the Jetsons… But what’s cool about Fast Trash, an exhibit that we’ll explore in greater depth in this week’s feature, is that it is about more than an idiosyncratic technology of waste removal. It’s about how sometimes the infrastructural systems we take from granted warrant a closer look, sometimes we can find radically different ways of doing things around the corner, sometimes we need to look to the past to find future-facing innovation.

We’ll be discussing all that and more with Juliette Spertus, an architect and the curator of the exhibit Fast Trash, and with Donald Richardson, a landscape architect with Zion, Breen and Richardson who worked with John Burgee and Philip Johnson on Roosevelt Island’s masterplan. We’ll be meeting at 2pm just outside the F train Roosevelt Island stop. We’ll take a walk with Mr Richardson and then check out Fast Trash.

Free and open to all. Email for more information.