Architecture’s Dimensions



A panel discussion based on the new issue of 306090, Dimension
Basar Girit, David Hays, Chris McVoy, and David Ruy
Moderated by Emily Abruzzo and Jonathan D. Solomon

Thursday, May 28, 2009
7:00 p.m.
The Urban Center
457 Madison Avenue
This program was part of the 2008-09 program calendar. Click here for information about our current season.

Architecture’s Dimensions will be an opportunity to discuss the quality of “dimension,” in architectural theory and practice.  David Hays, Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Chris McVoy, Senior Partner, Steven Holl Architects; David Ruy, director of Ruy Klein; Basar Girit of Situ Studio; and 306090 book editors Emily Abruzzo and Jonathan Solomon will consider how “dimension,” as both scale and authenticity, drives architecture’s latest engagement in imagining and forming the actual.

After over two decades of investment in virtual architecture, there is no more compelling problem in architecture today than that of the real, and the transition from virtual thereto – for it is in this very return to the material world that one sees the most eloquent explorations of the virtual.

Qualities of the real have always been contingent upon the virtual, or abstract. Scale — in time and space — is relative. Even the very terms of measurement turn out to be constructs, yet the abilities to draw, communicate, and build are fundamentally reliant on them. Dimension’s relationship to design is even more vexing when one considers that all the precision attainable, all the tabulated data, cannot account for the absolute thrill or feeling of trepidation that a space may inspire in its built form.

The panel will consider: The relationship of the hand and the machine; the relationship of precision and imprecision; the relevance of scale; and the meaning of dimension in architectural practice today.

Organized by The Architectural League; co-sponsored by Urban Center Books.

Image: Dispatchwork, Jan Vorman, Venti Eventi, Bocchignano, Italy 2007.