Brian Johnsen and Sebastian Schmaling

Johnsen Schmaling Architects
Emerging Voices 2008

Recorded: March 19, 2008

Brian Johnsen and Sebastian Schmaling founded Johnsen Schmaling Architects in 2002 as a design and research studio in Milwaukee. Exploring the local “tensions between a besieged urban rustbelt and its agrarian hinterland,” Johnsen Schmaling Architects informs its projects with “a poetic reading of site and terrain that rejects contextual mimesis as much as modernism’s preoccupation with self-referential objects.” Here, Johnsen and Schmaling present Camouflage House, a lake-view home in Green Lake, Wisconsin which, through their use of natural materials and thoughtful exploration of the site, reflects and responds to the surrounding hillside environment.

The Architectural League created the annual Emerging Voices lecture series in 1982 to recognize and encourage architects who are beginning to achieve prominence in the profession. The series focuses primarily on built work, at a variety of scales, and is structured to reflect the diversity of contemporary practice–geographically, stylistically, and ideologically.