Chris Reed

Stoss Landscape Urbanism (StossLU)
Emerging Voices 2008

Recorded: March 12, 2008

Stoss Landscape Urbanism (StossLU) is a Boston-based landscape architecture, planning, and urbanism studio led by Chris Reed. Emphasizing a “performance-based approach over one that is primarily physical, spatial, or visual,” StossLU asks how landscapes work: “how they function urbanistically, socially, hydrologically, environmentally; how they reinforce existing city frameworks and how they invent new ones; and how they may support a range of complementary and sometimes contradictory civic programs and uses.” Here, Chris Reed presents StossLU’s proposal for the Lower Don Lands, a 300-acre, high-density project at the mouth of the Don River in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

The Architectural League created the annual Emerging Voices lecture series in 1982 to recognize and encourage architects who are beginning to achieve prominence in the profession. The series focuses primarily on built work, at a variety of scales, and is structured to reflect the diversity of contemporary practice–geographically, stylistically, and ideologically.