Young Architects 7: Situating, 2005

YA7-SituatingForward by Keller Easterling
Introduction by Anne Rieselbach
Published by Princeton Architectural Press*

Architecture has become an increasingly multidisciplinary profession, where concepts, techniques, and materials are readily shared with other disciplines, and the many ways an architect can define and address a design problem has redefined the role of the architect. “Situating” implies a wide-ranging approach to all phases of design, creating a more dynamic understanding of site and open-ended work that both acknowledges existing conditions and allows for mutability and change over time. In Young Architects 7: Situating, young architects were asked to broaden the concept of “siting” to include the “situating” of an architectural problem.

The winners of the competition— Greg Kochanowski; ROEWUarchitecture; Lateral Architecture; Dan Hisel; LinOldhamOffice; and Interboro —responded to these questions with answers as distinct as they are creative.

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