Young Architects 5: Inhabiting Identity, 2003

YA5-InhabitingIDForward by Mark Robbins
Introduction by Ann Rieselbach
Published by Princeton Architectural Press

Inhabiting Identity is the fifth in an annual series of publications featuring the best young architects as selected by The Architectural League of New York. For this year’s competition, architects were asked to explore how technology has altered our sense of space. Their answers not only challenge our sense of habitation but teach us to think beyond the normal and the mundane.

This year’s winners of the competition—Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen, Steven Mankouche, Ben Checkwitch, Stella Betts, Lisa Hsieh, and Mike Latham—make use of unusual materials (wooden shipping pallets) while maintaining creative ideas (mobile rooms) in their investigations of the role of modern technology in our daily lives.